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 +===== Software Releases from Current Projects =====
 +At this time, [[gini|GINI]] is the only project with a public software release. Please go to the project page to get the latest version of GINI. Several other ongoing projects have partial or working prototypes. These prototypes are highly experimental. The software for the prototypes can be downloaded from the SVN servers for the respective projects.
 +===== Software Releases from Past Projects =====
 +The **JGravity** ([[software:​jgravity.zip]]) is a simulator for trust computation/​assignment algorithms on online social networks. The distributed trust computation algorithms take the interactions among the users and determine the mutual trust parameters. This software is written in Java. We are not in a position to provide further assistance on this software. This is experimental but runnable software.
 +The **SLite** ([[software:​slite.zip]]) is an emulator for online social networks. This emulator reconstructs online social networks based on the given control parameters and a topology file. Applications can be hosted on the emulated social network. This software is written in Ruby. We are not in a position to provide further assistance on this software. This is a highly experimental software.
 +The **pShell** ([[http://​www.cs.mcgill.ca/​~anrl/​projects/​pShell|pShell Home]]) is a shell for Planet-Lab. It was developed by Bala Maniymaran to support the extensive experiments he carried out on the Planet-Lab. This software is released as is, we are not in a position to help with the configuration issues you are likely to have with the recent Planet-Lab revisions. ​
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