====== Welcome to ANRL ====== <style float-right> <box 400px green| ** ANRL News **> * New website for ANRL powered by DokuWiki is online. * Bader Ali successfully completed his PhD proposal exam. Congratulations, Bader! * Balasubramaneyam Maniymaran has succesfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations, Mani! * US patent granted on content-based routing. </box> </style> The research activities at the Advanced Networking Research Lab is directed by Prof. M. Maheswaran. It is associated with both the School of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Graduate and undergraduate students from both departments are pursuing their research activities at the lab. In recent years, the research activities at the lab have focused on investigating issues related to the **design of secure and trusted networked computing systems**. In particular, we are studying ways of leveraging trusted connections on online social networks to build robust networked systems. Our projects have applied //social factors// in authentication, access control, and rights management. We have built many prototypes and performed large-scale experiments on testbeds such as Planet-Lab to verify our ideas. Additionally, we have used actual topological data from online social networks to evaluate various access control and dissemination algorithms. We are planning on interfacing some of the prototypes with online social networks such as Facebook so that usability studies can be carried out on our systems. Previously, we investigated various issues centered on designing and implementing hybrid systems that combine features from peer-to-peer networks and Grid computing systems. This led to a bi-modal resource management framework. <style float-center> ** Our sponsors ** {{logos:trlabs_logo.gif?100}} {{logos:sap_logo.gif}} {{logos:bce_logo.gif}} {{logos:fcar_logo.gif?150}} {{logos:nserc_logo.gif}} </style>

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